Yarmouth Parks, Recreation & Community Services
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Yarmouth Parks, Recreation, & Community Services

Staff Details

YCS Admin Email 

General Office Email
E: ycsadmin@yarmouth.me.us

Program and Office Supervisor 

Lisa Stragliotto
Ph: (207) 846-2406
E: LStragliotto@yarmouth.me.us

GA Admin / Program Staff 

Matt Lee
Ph: (207) 846-2406
E: ga@yarmouth.me.us

Program Administrator 

Maryanne Strand
Ph: (207) 846-2406
E: mstrand@yarmouth.me.us

Program Supervisor 

Bob Priest
Ph: (207) 846-2406
E: rpriest@yarmouth.me.us

Resource Specialist 

Zany Holman
Ph: (207) 835-9866
E: SMAAResource@yarmouth.me.us
Merrill Memorial Library

Parks Superintendent 

Zac Wiest
E: zwiest@yarmouth.me.us

Full-time and Seasonal Parks crew: Earle, Jay, Michael, Kenny, Ronnie, and Justin
Parks Specialist 

Erik Donohoe
Ph: (207) 846-2406
E: edonohoe@yarmouth.me.us

Assistant Director 

Mike Caron
Ph: (207) 846-2406
E: mcaron@yarmouth.me.us


Karyn MacNeill
Ph: (207) 846-2406
E: kmacneill@yarmouth.me.us

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